One of Australia’s fastest growing electric vehicle charging networks Evie Networks has relaunched their smartphone app with a completely new design to make charging easier.

Basically, think of it this way – these charging networks have been around a few years now, and their apps have just been the same with new sites added as they grow.

But the user experience hasn’t changed. Until now.

Taking on board customer feedback, the new app has the driver at its core.

Two taps on the screen and you select your charging plug, as well as location based charger location and availability as soon as you launch the app.

This is critical in a world where EV growth is happening way faster than the networks themselves.

Plan your route based on the Evie charger location, and either start your charge from the app, or your personal RFID card.

Within the app you can see how your charge is going, so you know if you need to order another coffee, or scoff down those fries.

Evie is just one of many charger networks, and it seems to me they are best placed to push for dominance if they can continue their growth trajectory.