The most important device of the year for the world’s biggest Tech company is the iPhone, and while we won’t likely see an official reveal of the iPhone 15 until September, EFTM can reveal the key changes coming to the 2023 flagship phone thanks to detailed “dummy” models we’ve obtained.

With a six year record of utterly accurate renditions, we see no reason not to think the Chinese factory we source these from has got the 2023 iPhone detailed down to the micro millimeter.

We’ve unboxed this year’s dummy models, and put them side-by-side with the existing iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Dummy – (Top) compared to iPhone 14 (Bottom)

Here’s what we’ve noticed and what you can expect from iPhone 15 in 2023.

What does the iPhone 15 look like?

Out of the box the design seems remarkably similar – at a distance it will be hard to tell them apart, other than via new colour options that are likely to be revealed when Apple formally announce the iPhone 15.

However on closer inspection it does seem that the edges of the iPhone 15 are ever so slightly rounded off.

While very subtle, in the hand the device feels a touch softer and the change is noticeable.

iPhone 15 dummy (right) next to an iPhone 14

Does the iPhone 15 have USB-C charging?

There’s no question in my mind that Apple will announce iPhone with USB-C charging after seeing these dummy models.

While the EU ruling regarding a uniform charging standard does not apply globally, it’s not in Apple’s interest to have different models in various regions with such fundamental differences.

And Apple isn’t new to USB-C, iPads, iPads Pro, MacBook and more products use the cable format.

How Apple “sells” the change is what we’ll sit back and wait to see – given the drama they copped moving from the 30-pin adaptor until the 4s to the Lightning adaptor on iPhone 5 and ever since, they’ll find a way to describe this “courageous” change.

For consumers, it’s a big win – on this one the EU is right – but does it stop further innovation in this space. Time will tell.

Is the Dynamic Island coming to the standard iPhone 15?

While very difficult to tell on these non-working dummy models, it does appear that the standard iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus feature the camera and sensors within the screen instead of on the edge of the screen, bringing the software feature known as the “Dynamic Island” to the iPhone 15.

It’s not clear if the island is any smaller, if it is – it’s only by a very small amount.

How does the 2023 iPhone differ in size to the iPhone 14?

While we don’t have detailed measurement tools, it’s our view that the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are the same dimensions as the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus.

However, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro max models have minuscule differences.

We believe the thickness to be minimally more on the 15, in the bulk of the phone not at the camera bump level. Additionally the with and height seem very subtly reduced.

Will an iPhone 14 case fit an iPhone 15?

Simple answer, no.

The differences in the camera islands are enough to push cases out and make it hard for them to grip around the phone.

While some might, the few we tried didn’t seem safe or comfortable fits.

What will the iPhone 15 Cost?

We have to expect a slight price rise, given global inflation.

However, it’s impossible to speculate this early on the pricing – it certainly won’t be cheaper than the iPhone 14.

When will Apple announce the iPhone 15?

Again, it’s four months away, but we’d expect the Apple event to land in the early part of September, likely the week commencing September 4. Quite possibly September 7th in Australia, keynote date of September 6 in Cupertino