Google Home is already smart but it is getting even smarter with a few new additions that Google has announced on their blog.  

The new additions include new actions and automation starters which offer a world of possibilities, just use your imagination.  As you can see in the list below give the user the ability to trigger routines when a device opens or closes, or if the temperature changes, if a device starts charging or even if the volume is muted.

These starters can then be used to trigger any number of actions including the new ones such as opening or closing blinds, pausing media, starting a timer, change lighting effects and more.

You will find these new starters and actions in the Automation tab of the Google Home app.  Google gave a few examples of how to use these new features including:

  • Open/Close: When the window is opened, turn off the thermostat.
  • Device is charging / plugged in: When your EV is charging, it could automatically start playing music or downloading updates.
  • Temperature: When the temperature inside rises above 80 degrees, open the window and turn on the fan.
  • Wake/Sleep: When I dismiss my alarm, slowly wake the lights over a one hour time period.
  • Color Loop: When I say “Party Time”, Color Loop lights for 30 mins.
  • Open or Close device: Windows, doors, or blinds are a breeze to open or close with these actions: At 7 AM, open the blinds. At 10 PM close the blinds.

The new features do not work with every device.  To check your device compatibility check out the Google Developer Center.  

For those who are a bit more advanced with their smart home capabilities there are also new features to be found in the script editor in the public preview.  You can now use Nest camera events to trigger actions within the script editor such as a notification when a package is seen, or the kids have arrived home safe.

Although these types of triggers and actions have been available on dedicated smart platforms such as Fibaro (z-wave that I use in my house) for a while, these new changes bring Google Home smarts to a new level.