Finding new music we enjoy is a challenge for us as consumers, as well as for aspiring new artists trying to get their new music heard. To help with this, Google is introducing a new feature for YouTube Music with the Samples tab.

The Samples tab will feature a personalised scrolling TikTok like feed of new music for you to explore. The feed will feature both new music from up-and-coming artists, as well as classic artist that they think you may enjoy. 

The feed will consist of 20-30 second video clips you can scroll through, with the videos sourced from the artists themselves giving you a quick way to check out their new music. 

As you scroll through these clips, you’ll be able to quickly load the full video, check out the artist information page, add the title to your collection or even share it with the world in a radio station or  share it with your friends.

Of course there’s also an option for content creators to use the song in their next YouTube Short, and you can also check out which other creators have used the song in their creations. 
If you’re eager to check out the new Samples tab in YouTube Music, Google says will be getting an update on Android and iOS from today.