You never want to miss that show right? Big game on Kayo? new episode of Billions drops on Stan? And all while you’re at the park, or the beach – and you don’t want to settle for watching on your smartphone! Hell no! Enter the 27 inch LG StanbyME Go!

This TV follows the StanbyME which LG announced at the start of this year which is a battery powered touchscreen TV on a stand you can move around your home.

So, take that concept and put it in a hard shell case so you can take it – anywhere.

Tilt the screen to the angle that suits you, even twist it up to 90 degrees from landscape to portrait and lift it up to 18 cm.

Easy to watch, no matter where you are.

Oh, and if you want something different again – lay it flat for “Table Mode” in which you can play digital board games like Chess, or make it a virtual record player for a trip down memory lane.

It turns on when the case opens, and turns off when it closes, and features a durable build to meet the US Military compliance tests.

We don’t know how may hours of viewing you’ll get, but it’s a cracking idea for sure. It will roll out in Europe first, but if enough of you nag LG Australia, it could come here too!