When streaming service Binge first launched you could watch pretty much all the Foxtel Channels, including Sky News. Today, it’s far more like Netflix, but those live channels are there too – they’re just hard to find. But the one thing really holding Binge back in the comparison with pretty much every other Streaming service has been the lack of 4K.

All that’s set to change in Late October. Yep, 4K is coming to Binge.

But, the prices are going up too. Binge Standard goes from $16 per month to $18 per month while the Premium package with four screens goes from $18 to $22.

Basic with Ads stays at $10, but will not be 4K.

The price changes kick in on October 24, so we’ve got to assume thats when the new plans with 4K will start. Referring to the price change, Binge say “Along with this change, 4K will be introduced to the Standard and Premium subscription types in late October. The full list of available devices will be made available when 4K launches in late October

As a little extra there, Binge also say “We will also have news channels available on BINGE in late October.

Those News channels have been absent since before the Foxtel Group launched news streaming service Flash – but with Flash not gaining any real market traction, and at the start of this year laying off all their editorial staff – we have to assume this change to Binge could be the final nail in the coffin for Flash. But that’s just speculation from me.

Hat Tip to Lukas for the Tip off