In 2022 the Constructors World Championship in Formula One returned to Red Bull Racing after eight years at Mercedes Benz, and fans of the Milton Keynes outfit with the deepest of pockets and the largest of rooms can snap up a very rare, and very special model of the car that took that championship, the RB18.

Using actual CAD data supplied by the Oracle Red Bull Racing F1 team, the craftsmen at Amalgam Collection have created a true to scale 1:4 scale model of the race-car, and it could be yours – if you’re fast.

Oh, and if you’re rich.  It will set you back just shy of $65,000 – and we haven’t even asked about shipping costs.

These models sit alongside the 1:8 scale models which are just $17,000.  Here I was thinking I was an F1 collector – hah!

In terms of collectability, there are just 18 of these models for each driver – that’s it.

Each one takes 450 hours to build, following 4500 hours of development going into the model.

It’s not just money you need, it’s space too – each 1:4 scale replica measures 1.04 meters.

Sergio Perez models are made to order, while the 18 Max Verstappen RB18 replicas have been built, and only a few remain after some were shipped to Red Bull Racing Team partners and sponsors – the primary reason the models were developed.

They are a stunning looking car – high on my “when I win lotto” list for sure.