If you’ve got your eyes on a new iPhone 15, or you’ve already got a shiny new device take note – people are clumsy and that phone will break easy. That’s where this awesome new deal from Vodafone comes into play – like your fairy godmother, Vodafone Device Care is there for you when it all goes wrong.

According to Vodafone, more than 1,300 smartphones are damaged or lost every day. That comes at a cost of over $755 million in the last five years.

So, what would you say if I told you that for $14.99 per month, you can get more than just a little peace of mind with Vodafone Device Care!!

A Vodafone Spokesperson told EFTM “We’ve heard more than 22,000 things that can happen to a mobile device – from flushing phones down the toilet, to customers’ cats pushing tablets off the kitchen table. With Vodafone you can join the ranks of proud Australians who laugh in the face of cracked screens, submerged phones, and gravity-defying drop,”

“Our new Vodafone Device Care is an affordable way to exchange your device or replace your mobile phone for any reason, whether it is in perfect condition or not. So come try Vodafone Device Care, because we think accidents should be funny, not costly.” 

Here’s how it works.

If you’re paying off a smartphone with Vodafone, one of those shiny new Samsung Flip phones, maybe an S23, or the iPhone 15 – and that’s over 24 or 36 months, on any given one of those months it could all go wrong for you. A broken screen could cost literally hundreds of dollars. Apple will charge you between $465 and $619 to replace the screen on an iPhone 15.

For those with Vodafone Device care – $45. And get this, unlimited requests. You could break your screen every month and just pay $45 to have it repaired with genuine parts. That’s cheaper than some screen protectors!

But it gets better, way better. If you – let’s say, drop your phone inside a wall cavity and use a circular saw to open up the wall to get it out, but instead cut the phone and destroy it (this is what happened to a Tradie during a renovation according to Vodafone), you take the phone to Vodafone, and they’ll give you an equivalent model for just $149. Ahh, NO LIMIT ON THAT either!

If you drop your phone in Sydney Harbour and can’t get it back, you’ll pay $299 to replace it – but don’t do that more than once a year.

And the best part of all, for those with Apple Devices – Vodafone Device Care INCLUDES Apple Care Support. So that repair can be done at an Apple Store!

Seriously, very good value.

If you’re trying to make yourself feel better about the stupid things you’ve done to your mobile phone – here’s a list of stupid things people have done to destory their phones according to stories told to Vodafone.

  • Funeral fumble: This unfortunate soul got a one-way connection with the dearly departed when they accidently dropped their phone into an open coffin. 
  • Beaver bungle: A costume party, a beaver tail, and a dramatic fall. One unsuspecting guest’s phone tragically became a casualty in this dance gone wrong. 
  • Mulcher mayhem: During some routine backyard landscaping, a phone took an unexpected dive into a mulcher, meeting a gruesome end. 
  • Crap connection: It’s ok to swipe and wipe, but please don’t flush if you happen to drop that phone.  
  • Concrete catastrophe: A phone found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time – a construction-site pit, filled with three tonnes of concrete.  
  • Monkey mischief: This bananas situation occurred when a mischievous monkey decided to swipe a phone, leaving them no way to phone home. 
  • Dis-engagement: It was supposed to be an engagement to remember, but when they got down on one knee at the jetty to pull out the ring, their phone tumbled into the water. 
  • Slippery when wet: An eager dancer on a boat cruise got a slippery surprise when their phone took an unexpected dip into the depths below. 
  • Toddler take-off: A toddler had taken their parent’s phone and unceremoniously launched it from their bedroom balcony. 
  • Renovation nightmare: A tradie who lost their phone into a wall cavity accidentally sliced the device in two when they tried to cut it out of the tight space.

Oh, and if that’s not enough for you, you can also get the same or similar treatment for your Tablet or Wearable – $14.99 for Tablets, $4.99 for wearables like smartwatches.