Robotics company Ecovacs has revealed their next generation flagship robot vacuum and no only does it have improved cleaning functions and features but it has a radical re-design which nails several key areas where some robot vacuums might let you down.

The all-new Ecovacs Deebot X2 OMNI has a squared shape which is a huge departure from the norm for Ecovacs and their Deebot range. And it’s by design, to ensure you can get a better clean, especially around the edges of rooms.

But it’s not just the shape, the overall size is vastly different. Just 9.5cm tall, the X2 Omni will likely go under more furniture than any other advanced robot, and the width is down to 32cm – and one area where this is critical is in the kitchen where you have your dining chairs.

In our home, we put all the chairs up when it’s time for the vacuum to go, but time to time we leave them down and it’s a marathon for the robot to get around them all, getting stuck between some of the chair legs.

The new X2 OMNI is all about upping the game. An extended main brush making cleaning more efficient and getting into the corners, but also a suction power of 8,000pa – 60% more powerful that the already outstanding X1 Omni!

The OMNI Station continues to be the biggest deal here though fully cleaning the X2 every time it’s done, emptying the dust bin, and cleaning the mopping pads, but this time it uses 55 degree hot water, and drying them with hot air.

Advanced mapping, paired with AI learning ensures the X2 can know the room, but also using a combination of optics and algorithm’s it’s able to better plan a route from place to place, or around obstacles.

No word yet on Australian pricing or availability – but it’s not far off!
Ecovacs has announced that the Deebot X2 OMNI will be launching in Australia at A$2,499 RRP and is available today through pre-order before launch on September 21st. If you want to pre-order you can go through the Ecovacs retail partners including Bing Lee, Godfreys, Harvey Noman, JB HiFi, Robot Specialist, The Good Guys, Amazon & ECOVACS Online.

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