As a kid, Nigel Mansell was a legend to me. I watched him win the 1992 Formula One World Championship when I was in Year 11 and after I left school I got to watch him race IndyCar with my own eyes in Milwaukee and Detroit. So this one sits open in my browser tabs, the RM Southerby’s Auction simply titled “NIGEL MANSELL’S LEGACY COLLECTION“.

There are 330 auction lots on offer with probably 500 odd items as many of the lots are “grouped” items. And – there’s no reserve on anything.

All from Nigel’s personal collection, previously housed at his own museum, now, it seems, it’s time to put some money away for the Grandkids and clear things up because these are all spectaular lots up for Auction.

It has me wanting to put on Lotto, just so I can hope to bid.

First up, the biggest items (other than his “5 NM” UK number plates) looking to snatch tens of thousands of Pounds are his race helmets. There’s even one from his F1 Championship Year 1992 – I mean, come on!

Then there are trophies, yep the very trophies handed to Nigel as he stepped onto the Podium, and of course Race-Suits too.

Nigel’s Cadet Go-Kart – yep, you can buy that,

Even a this Model of the moment in 1991 when Nigel became a Taxi driver for Ayrton Senna.

And when it comes to bids, there are some lots expected to be in the low hundreds of Pounds, like this mega collection of Caps

I’m holding back my mouse on these, because where would I really put them – but, I can imagine some very wealthy F1 drivers past and present, as well as some uber rich F1 fans will snap up every single helmet, race-suit, trophy and steering wheel.

Take a look for yourself, and hey – have a crack!