Buying a new car can be daunting. For most it is the biggest investment outside the family home so it is important to know what you are getting into. This can be particularly challenging when you’re confronted with an additional massive decision. Should you stick with the standard petrol/diesel car or take the leap into the world of EV’s?

Today saw the launch of The BYD Megastore in Alexandria, Sydney. Their vision is to establish a flagship outlet, radically different to the traditional car dealership model.

The opening of the megastore recognises that buying an EV comes with additional questions. Important questions that need to be answered before committing to this new automotive technology.

The centre is designed to showcase what it means to own an EV, not simply to test drive one. With over 100 years of internal combustion engine vehicle experience we take for granted what servicing is needed, how and where it is fueled plus the budget needed to maintain one.

Not so for the new wave of EV’s.

  • Where will I charge?
  • How long will it take to “fill up”?
  • How far can I go?
  • What costs will I be up for?

The BYD Megastore is designed for buyers to walk through all these questions as well as, of course dazzle you with impressive video and lighting displays. In the words of Luke Todd, CEO of EVDirect the exclusive partner of BYD in Australia, they aim to give customers “an insight into ownership”

They intend to not only allow customers to browse the range, sit in and play with all the cool technology but also provide test drives, 7 days a week. Importantly however they will provide demonstrations of charging technologies and discussions around what it means to be an EV owner. As an EV owner myself I know so much more now than I did when I made the commitment. Knowledge that would have been invaluable at the time I took the plunge.

BYD intend to open experience centres in other locations nationally plus hinted at extending the test drives to a potentially longer period such as a take it home and try it model.

Luke Todd said “we want to take the pressure, take the confusion out” and have customers understand that “this is why I want to own an EV”. He went on to say “This is the future of automotive retail”

On display is the highly successful Atto 3, priced from $48,011 plus on-road costs, the newest addition to the BYD family, the more affordable Dolphin priced from $38,890 plus on-road costs and finally the yet to be released luxury model “Seal” (pricing and availability yet to be released)  

The Atto 3 range
The Dolphin range
BYD’s Luxury Sedan – The Seal

As well as these vehicles there are also displays of the technology such as the unique blade battery, the underlying chassis structures plus the odd BYD robot roaming the floor.

It is clear that we’ve come a long way from the traditional car dealer model. Clear that car buyers are confronted with a vast array of potential models and now a whole new drivetrain technology to decide what is right for them.

Gone are the crowded car yards and dirty showroom floors. We’ve even moved on from the big bow on the bonnet. People expect so much more nowadays.

The BYD Megastore is located at 494 Gardeners Road, Alexandria