Having established themselves a phenomenal reputation for in-home multi-room audio many years ago, Sonos has gradually been pushing the boundaries of that reputation and their own product lineup to create a speaker for every room, every moment, every place. Their Move speaker took the smarts and quality of Sonos but with battery power to take it outside. Now the Move 2 takes it upa. solid notch, not just an incremental upgrade but a big one.

Now, straight off the bat, the Move 2 is $100 more than it’s predecessor, with a retail price of $799. But, honestly, just looking at the black and white specs and stats – that seems like great value.

First off the Move 2 is a stereo speaker not mono. This means you can get a more immersive sound with just the one speaker, though of course stereo pairing is still possible with a second unit.

Then there’s battery life – 11 hours on the move, 24 hours on the Move 2!

Move 2 also features a USB-C port which will provide power to your mobile device if you need it, but also supports line-in capabilities when using the optional Sonos Line In Adaptor so you can pipe your turntable or other audio gear right into the Move 2 to be part of your audio system.

Three class-D digital amps pump the power, tuned specifically for this all-new internal design which features two angled Tweeters with stereo separation, and a midwoofer for a decent mid-range and bass.

Voice control is possible thanks to the far-field microphone and there’s a simple on-off toggle for the mic should you want that tin-foil-hat style privacy.

And it’s not just available in bland black and white, there’s a new Green colour too for those looking for something unique.

The Sonos Move 2 will be available from September 20 and expands or perhaps continues the Sonos expansive range.