Earlier this year I saw a wide new range of products from LG including a new washer/dryer combo in a trendy Forest Green. Well, if Candy Red is your colour, they’ve got an update for you.

The new WashTower Candy Red is the latest colour from LG for Aussie homes.

While you might think Red is an intense colour for a washing machine, You probably need to consider the different possible colours of a modern laundry. Plain and white is old and dated, the cabinets, tiles and all the fittings in a laundry don’t have to be bland – nor does the Washer and Dryer!

Shannon Tweedie from LG Australia said “By merging cutting-edge technology with playfulness and personalistion, our 2023 product line elevates everyday experiences and brings a touch of Life’s Good into Australian homes.

Our Candy Red colour is the latest addition to our colourful range to celebrate consumers’ personal styles while delivering the LG WashTower™ the smart features that make everyday tasks more joyful.”

This combo is a 17kg front load washing machine and a 10kg heat pump dyer stacked ready for your laundry renovation.

Pretty wild huh! But perfect for that modern laundry.