I often say choosing a laptop is a tough thing to do with so many on the market, and what LG has done is enter the premium end of the market – their 2-in-1 is as unique as it is pricey as a 16 inch do-it-all device.

Out of the box there’s a premium feel to this device, a really nice Obsidium Black colour to the whole thing and just the simple word “gram” on the outside.

That word appears again inside near the keyboard, but the only sense of this being an LG product is the LG logo under the monitor. I think that’s smart. I feel like LG is a proud TV brand, but do I want an LG laptop in my hand and on the table at the cafe? Probably not. And this isn’t the only “gram” in the lineup. More on those soon.

It’s just under 1.5kg, and when you compare this 16 inch powerhouse to the 16 inch MacBook Pro that’s a massive 600+ gram saving. Perhaps that’s what’s behind the name?

1.5kg at 16 inches is pretty decent.

As is the full touchscreen with a 2560×1600 WQXGA resolution.

Now flip it round and bend it back on itself this thing is a Windows Tablet, can be sat in Tent mode for your streaming viewing, or a reverse screen to show a presentation or again – video.

This is far more than a 2 in 1, in fact that name really does it no justice.

The model tested is a 12th gen Intel Core i7, while there is also an i5 available.

It’s hard to fault this on pure specs, with 1TB storage, Thunderbolt 4, Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, it’s going to do all the things you expect – and more.

On benchmarks, it’s a cracker, really pushing the power and I found that when loading apps. Launching Adobe suite apps like Photoshop were fantastic, and switching between apps and around windows wasn’t at all sluggish.

As an i7 Device, this is capable of antyhing, but while I could say video editing and photo editing as a feature, I think the form factor here makes it ideal for people who present in meetings at external offices or meetings, and for those perhaps who travel a lot and want that screen for streaming on the plane or hotel.

I think my only criticism is the cover material does seem to be a magnet for fingerprints. Yeah you can spray and wipe them away, but for the price, I’d want a bit better sorry.

Speaking of which, are you sitting down. $3,399.95.

Yep, it’s among the most expensive laptops out there. Up against the best HP has to offer, and Microsoft too.

Of course, on specs, you might quote a MacBook Pro 16 inch which starts $600 higher at $3,999 – and that’s true, but I don’t think you decide between Mac and PC anymore, you’re going one way or the other.

If you are, then I’d say this and other PCs are strongly worth a look. I think Windows 11 has really brought the PC back into play.

You need to feel it to know it’s light. You need to use it to see the true convertability.

So while the price is high, it’s a machine that matches that level if you know what you’re looking for.

For me I’m more into 13 inch devices so it always felt large typing on this, with the full keyboard and number pad configuration, but that’s exactly what some people are looking for!

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