It’s October and Samsung aren’t done with 2023 yet, announcing the latest generation of their “FE” series devices with a target firmly on the cost of living concerns within the community

Officially known as the “Fan Edition” devices, FE could easily stand for “Flagship Experience” with high-end pro features at far more affordable prices than the flagship S series devices already in the market.

Samsung’s cheapest S23 model before this was the $1,449 Galaxy S23, while the new S23 FE comes in almost $500 cheaper at $999. Meanwhile two FE Tablets give options at lower prices as do the Buds FE.

Boss of Samsung Mobile TM Roh says  “At Samsung, we are committed to bringing world-class innovation to everyone through epic mobile experiences that fit their lifestyle,”

“Our new FE devices are packed with crowd-pleasing capabilities that, on their own or as part of a connected ecosystem, let Galaxy users maximise their creativity and productivity.” 

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE – $999

The new S23 FE comes in Mint, Cream, Graphite and Purple, with Samsung selling two additional colours (indigo and Tangerine)

While many people are hooked on the latest and greatest, signing up for a new phone the minute they drop, these FE devices are made to sit as part of the lineup for a little while and tempt people with older devices to come forward to a new generation. Think of that relative you have who still rocks a Galaxy S7, S8 or who knows what – they don’t need for the flagship devices, but they do need something new.

Of course, the Galaxy A series already exists to target the sub $1000 price point, but the FE is made from Glass and Metal like it’s flagship sibling, giving a more premium feeling.

You still get a triple lens camera, with a 50MP main sensor, 30x “Space Zoom” and all the night-time photography capabilities Samsung has offered this year.

There will also be some early order deals too, with bonus Samsung goodies on offer, and we’re assured that among the Telcos Optus is set to be aggressive with new offers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. Also look out for cracking trade-in offers at retail and telco stores too.

There hasn’t been an FE phone since Samsung revealed the S21FE at CES 2022 and that phone is now a solid $599 price for those interested. Key jump to this device is the camera, now 50MP.

Overall, when you compare it to the flagship S23, the FE device is a bit heavier, ever so slightly bigger but at it’s core – it’s a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 FE+

Providing perhaps greater value alongside it’s flagship sibling, the FE version of the Tab S9 starts at a cracking $749. Priced head to head with Apple’s 10th Generation iPad this is a solid $700 saving on the flagship Tab S9. The larger Plus version (12.4 inch compared to 10.9 inch of the standard S9 FE) will be $999 and that’s again great pricing for a 12.4 inch Tablet.

While Samsung, and similarly Apple like to push their app ecosystems the usability for creators and artists – the real target here should be average mums and dads, and families. These S9 FE tablets are a great flat-edge design, they are just 6.5mm thin and weigh 524 and 628grams (Fe and FE+). For average folks, that’s a great tablet for watching Netflix or Stan, for sitting on the couch reading the news, for browsing the web and checking your emails. The simple things, but done well.

These two tablets may well be Samsung’s most underrated or perhaps undersold devices, they deserve more attention. And if you don’t think people want these huge tablets – think again, on the Tab S9 range the huge Ultra device was 30% of their sales in Australia.

Galaxy Tab S9 FE and FE+ will be available in Mint, Silver, Grey and Lavender.

Hear it with the Galaxy Buds FE

In a first for Samsung, they’ve also rolled out more affordable headphones. Targeting the booming sub $200 price point, these iterations of previous Galaxy Buds will be priced at $199 and come in Graphite and White.

The speaker is 5.5% larger than Buds 2 and Buds 2 Pro offering a greater sound profile, particularly for those who love Bass.

Samsung wants a share of that booming lower end market and they’ll get it with brand recognition alone, as well as a likely cross sell in retail from any Samsung phone to get buyers to grab something extra in-store.

It’s a solid way to end the year for Samsung, and if rumours are to be believed, it will be a strong start with the Galaxy S24 set for a mid January launch!