Today at CES in Las Vegas, Nokia Health have rolled out their latest health product and this time isn’t one that you wear. Walking the show floor it isn’t hard to trip over vendors begging us to wear a step tracker which also tracks your sleep. We’re all for health tracking however for many, wearing a watch to bed isn’t really comfortable!

The Nokia Health Sleep Sensor  and Automation Pad is a great product that plugs into power and lays across your mattress under the bed sheets. You’ll have a sleep monitoring product without even really knowing it, when technology folds into the background, that is the moment you realise it is working for you. 

The pad does so much more than just track your sleep too, let’s look at the long list of features:

  • Sleep cycles analysis: deep, light & REM stages Snoring detection
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep score (likely based on the above stats)
  • Sends all this data to your Nokia Health app over Wi-Fi

The device also works with IFTTT which allows you to create “if this happens, do that” commands. For example create customized morning and evening automated scenes to automatically dim the lights when you get into bed, and automatically turn on the lights when you get out of bed. Maybe you’d like to hear a song when you get out of bed, your pad will know and trigger the IFTTT statement.

Sleep joins the wider ecosystem of Nokia Health products

The Nokia Health Sleep product will be available in Australia shortly, we’ll advise dates and pricing once we hear from them.