Vodafone changed everything for travellers when they launched their $5 a day roaming allowing Vodafone customers to use their mobiles the same way they would at home when they travel to a huge list of countries and pay just $5 a day.

That program has expanded in it’s scale, but has stayed almost the same this whole time – over 10 years now.

And while Telstra, Optus, Kogan, Boost and others all have roaming options – it’s still the simplest and easiest to wrap your head around and use.

Today they step things up a gear again.

Vodafone customers flying with a range of airlines including Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Lufthansa, Malaysian and Singapore Airlines can use their phone while far far up in the air, and pay just $5.

It’s great – but don’t be this guy!

Once you’ve had that seatbelt sign turn off, you can disable airplane mode, and your phone will connect to the aircraft’s in-flight cellular service.

You can send SMS messages, Make and Take calls, and use your data.

“We have customers joining Vodafone every day who are sick of the great roaming rip off. Whether you’re in another country or on your way there, Vodafone is working hard to help you stay
connected and save money,” said Kieren Cooney, Vodafone Group Executive, Consumer.

“For a flat fee of only $5 per day, customers can use their device to stay in touch with loved ones, share their travel selfies, and even get some work done, all while cruising above the clouds. Best of all, customers won’t have to worry about any hidden costs or bill shock when they arrive home.”

Speeds on data will be similar to that which we got with 3G, and for anyone that’s paid $30-60 for in-flight WiFi, that speed will do just fine given the price.

Your phone will work just like it does when you’re down on the ground.

But folks, come on – don’t make calls. Use it for the data and messaging:)