The folks with the coolest, and also most important job in motoring get to crash cars and video it for a living. They are the ANCAP Safety folk, and after looking at Euro NCAP crash tests of the all-new BYD Dolphin and Seal models, they’ve given a five star rating to both cars.

BYD’s latest models are just the second and third vehicles to be measured against new (and more rigorous) 2023 critera for ANCAP ratings, so the five-star result would be a relief to BYD and also serve as an endorsement of the quality of both cars.

New in 2023 is motorcycle avoidance testing, now happening along with other cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Seal – classed as a medium sized car gets full points on protection for driver and child passengers in the side impact tests and for the drive in the oblique pole test. Other things like protection for the driver’s chest and lower legs and passenger chest in tests were assessed as “Adequate” – still plenty good enough for that five star stamp.

As a much smaller car the Dolphin is a tougher mark, but still received a mix of Good and Adequate for protection of adult occupants, with Marginal being the rating for drivers chest protection in the full frontal test.

Good news for families on a budget, the Dolphin received maximum points for child occupant protection in both front and side impacts.

Both cars have a centre airbag which helps with preventing head injuries in a crash where the driver and passenger might come together during impact.

New in 2023 is the test to see if the car can detect a cyclist coming alongside when a door is about to be opened, both have this, but don’t have temporary locking of a door when detected.

“Our 2023 test and rating criteria have introduced further requirements for high levels of structural protection as well as new challenges for manufacturers in the area of active safety systems and, pleasingly, the three models rated so far this year have each achieved five-star ratings,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Carla Hoorweg.

“This is a trend we’d like to see continue as we finalise testing and assessments on a number of new models later this year.”