Look, I’ve been pretty clear that I think the 200GB data offer to Optus Customers is a joke. Offering a bunch of data to people who already have a bunch of data and aren’t charged for excess data anyway is just tokenistic and shows a lack of understanding of the consumer senitmnet.

What if I told you that you could in fact get value from Optus, and value that would cost Optus revenue, thus making it clear just what the impact of this outage was.

Well there is.

You see, the average user is by my estimates on the $69 Optus plan.. That offers 220GB of data.

But if you were to call Optus today, ask to move down to the $49 plan which offers 30GB of data, they would lose $20 in revenue this month. 100,000 people do that they’re down $2million dollars. The more, the merrier.

I can hear you now – 30GB is not enough, oh, but alas my dear friends, on Monday (According to Optus) or between then and the end of the year, you will be able to activate a 200GB additional data – thanks to the outage, so, from the $69 down to the $49 you’re actually back to square one – same amount of data to use (or a touch more), and $20 extra dollars in your pocket for Christmas!

For those on the $59 plan the saving would only be $10 – but that’s ok.

Now think of the folks on the $89 plan – geez you could drop down to $69 and still save, but drop down to $49 and you’ve got money in the pocket and still have data to burn.

So don’t sit waiting for the days to go by, switch your plan – save some money – and give a very clear message to Optus.

And if you need all that data, late next month, Call back and go UP back onto your original plan.

EFTM has tested this with one Optus account, and it was all done within the My Optus app, and took less than 10 minutes!

Our team member’s account also has some awesome $10 discount, so it’s a big win

In this case, we moved from the $89 plan down to $49, saving $40 this month! At the end of the month, it may actually be that we can re-assess our actual data usage and keep saving some!

Of course the really smart move is to leave Optus altogether if you want to send them a message – however, I accept, some people are just stubborn.

But remember this in closing, the Optus executives, CEO and Board see the data. They know how many people are leaving their network, and they know how much their revenues are down, so either methods sends a message.

Doing nothing just makes them think all is well with the world – and it’s not.