Finding your way around Sydney Airport is getting easier from today with the launch of Google Maps Indoor Live View – a first in Australia.

The new Augmented Reality (AR) feature will be live in all three of Sydney Airport terminals including T1 International, and the T2/T3 Domestic terminals. The AR view in Google Maps will provide navigation information, directing you to the train station, check-in counters, gates, lounges, baggage carousels, eateries, shopping, ATMs and more. 

To start using the new Indoor Live View, simply search for what you need in thge Google Maps search bar, select walking mode, and then tap the Live View button.

The Live View will show arrows, directions and even distance markers super-imposed over the live view from your camera to help you get where you need to faster. 

Google is also showing off accessibility inclusions in the launch, which includes the option to choose wheelchair accessible paths, which also suitable for prams and suitcases. There’s also navigation prompts to add to the on-screen cues.

Anthony Bertuca, Group Product Manager at Google Maps in Australia, said: “Google Australia is proud to partner with Sydney Airport to launch Indoor Live View at Australia’s largest airport. This is a game-changer for people visiting Sydney Airport, as AR directions can help people have an enjoyable and smooth travel experience. It’s powered by a technology called global localisation, which uses AI to scan tens of billions of indoor Street View images to understand your orientation and provide assistance in real-time.

The new Google Maps Indoor Live View is available from today in the Google Maps app on both Android and iOS.