This week, a new season of the successful podcast Anatomy of a Scam was launched and this time around I’m co-hosting with Deb Knight. What I’ve heard in recording these interviews is not only eye opening, but alarming and a good lesson for us all to take in.

Launching this week, during Scam Awareness Week, Anatomy of a Scam includes real-life stories from scam victims, as well as insights from world-leading cyber experts to look deep into the scams and the sophistication levels of the modern scam.

Produced by 9Podcasts in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank this is a six episode series which in the main focuses on Impersonation Scams.

Anatomy of a Scam host Deb Knight said: “The ACCC estimates Australians lost a record $3.1 billion to scams in 2022, and the risk becomes greater the more intelligent the technology becomes. This is a very real threat to the Aussies, particularly in a cost of living crisis where every dollar counts.

“In the latest season of Anatomy of a Scam we’ve sought to go beyond the traditional text, call and email scams that most Australians can now spot a mile away, and go straight to the world’s best tech experts to ask the question: how can you spot the signs if you can no longer trust what you see?”

My goal for this this is to “quip Australians with all the information they need to spot these sophisticated new scams and protect themselves, their friends, family, and even workplaces from falling victim.”

James Roberts, General Manager of Group Fraud Management Service at CommBank, said: “There are many people and organisations using AI for good, with an aim to make things better in the world. But there are also criminals using AI to build sophisticated scams to trick others. That’s why it’s so important these days to remain alert and have a healthy level of scepticism when interacting online.”

Experts and insiders interviewed on season two of Anatomy of a Scam include Heidi Snell – Executive General Manager at ACCC, James Roberts – General Manager for Group Fraud Management Service at CommBank, Ken Gamble – Cybercrime Specialist and private investigator, Kirsty Dunn – Director of Communications at Tinder, and Professor Ofir Turel – Information Systems Management and Computing at The University of Melbourne.

Episode 1: Voice Cloning
Episode 2: Deep Fakes (featuring Richard Wilkins)
Episode 3: Marketplace Scams
Episode 4: Phishing Scams
Episode 5: Investment Scams
Episode 6: AI vs AI

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