I’ve reviewed a lot of keyboards in my time and I’ve been very happy with most of Those designed for productivity.Logitech has now released a new keyboard with a focus on ergonomics rather than specifically just design and function.

The new Logitech Wave Keys offers a wireless ergonomic keyboard designed to increase your comfort and wellbeing at your desk for those stuck there for longer periods of time.   

The new wave keys incorporated.incorporates a new wave shape.which looks very different.to those Logitech keyboards that have come before it.  It is designed to.place the hands, wrists and forearms in a more natural typing position.while also providing support for your wrist with the incorporated palm rest.

I was sent one to test out and although I don’t sit at a desk all day long there are often periods where I am typing for extended time frames.  I’ve put it through its paces over the last few weeks, read on to hear my thoughts.


The design of the Wave Keys keyboard is similar to a wave in that there are peaks and troughs across the keyboard.  These peaks and troughs are positioned in such a way that your hands and fingers are angled in an ergonomic position.

The first few times I used the keyboard it felt exceptionally strange and to say I made a few typos would be a big understatement.   After using it for a week or so the typing was extremely comfortable, although I do still prefer keys with less travel on them for my typing – this is why my go-to keyboard is a Logitech MX Keys Mini and not an MX Keys Mechanical.

The palm rest is built into the keyboard itself and I found it a great comfort and once I was used to the typing experience the ability to rest the base of my palms on there while typing made a massive difference to the comfort.  Ergonomic indeed.


The Wave Keys keyboard is made from a plastic base and is a lot lighter than the MX Keys keyboard which are not only heavier but feel sturdier.  While typing though, the lightness of the keyboard means nothing.  

The keys on the Wave keyboard are a soft membrane type switch with a stroke length somewhere between the MX Keys and a true gaming mechanical keyboard.  My wife, who does spend a lot of the day typing, loved the travel of the keys along with the comfort provided.

The keyboard is wireless and connects to your computer using either Bluetooth of the included Logi Bolt USB receiver.  I tested it with both and didn’t notice a difference between the two.  Given I already have a Bolt receiver attached to my keyboard for the mouse (and other keyboards) I only used that for connectivity.  

As with most, if not all, of Loigitech’s keyboards these days, you can connect the keyboard to three different devices that will be stored in the memory of the keyboard for easy connection in the future.  

Powering the keyboard are two included AAA batteries which seem to last forever.  After testing the keyboard for a few weeks the battery percentage is still measuring at 100% in the Logi+ app.  The use of the Bolt USB receiver uses less power than Bluetooth so I dare say that has something to do with such low power usage.

The function keys have Logitch’s specialised functions which are actually useful – well most of them are.  You can use the keys as standard function keys as well but by default they operate as per the Logitech specialised function.  

My main use of this was the “Task View,” allowing me to quickly and easily switch between desktops.  There are other functions including dictation which you can hit instead of the Windows+H keys to start dictation, an emoji key (still yet to use this in everyday life), snapshot, mic mute and media controls.  You can also change these specialised functions in the Logi+ app to something else if you wish.

As you can see, the keyboard includes a numpad which is handy given that many, if not most, folks who will use this keyboard this will do some number and data entry to some extent.  I do love a numpad, when I need one, but I rarely do so it is just a waste of space for me.  

Logitech has tried to save space though, squashing the numpad in next to the main section of the keyboard – this results in tiny arrow keys but I don’t use them much.  If you do, you may want to rethink purchasing this keyboard.

Typing Experience

The typing experience with the Wave Keys was incredibly comfortable. It has made me wonder whether I should be using a palm rest for my usual day-to-day MX Keys Mini keyboard. The shape of the keyboard looks incredibly strange at first but once you use it you can see (and feel) that it just works.

Accuracy was not great to start with for me due to my usual keyboard being one with minimal travel such as the MX Keys keyboard but once I was used to it the accuracy improved out of sight.

The keys had decent travel on them, not as much as the MX Mechanical but more than that of the MX Keys keyboard. For the average office worker, or anyone who does a lot of typing, this is perfect.

Who should buy this?

If you are someone who likes using the keys on a “normal” keyboard where there is some travel on the keys and does a lot of typing in long stretches then they should buy this. Should. The comfort will help you type more accurately for longer but the ergnomic nature of the keys and palm rest will help prevent any hand or wrist health issues in the future.

At $149.95 the Logitech Wave Keys keyboard is not inhibitively expensive and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new keyboard for long periods of typing. It is available in black and white colours and you can pick one up at your local tech store or at the Logitech online store.