I’m pretty sure we’ve never awarded an EFTM BEST to a Desktop PC before, but something this year really changed my at-desk game, so it was more than worthy.

While I have a Windows PC that I built several years ago that is a powerhouse and a workhorse, it’s abilities were blown away by this winner.

I also use a Mac Mini on another desk, for everyday tasks, and fell into the hole of just staying at that PC to do desktop video editing and it was perfectly fine.

But then, then I moved a couple of projects over to the Mac Studio with M2 Ultra Chip – and was stopped in my tracks by the performance.

A task that took 4 minutes on the Mac Mini, 3 minutes on my mega PC was taking 30 seconds on the Mac Studio. This thing is just amazing, and it’s all packed into such a simple box that can sit on the desktop with ease.

Sadly, its the end for my PC which will now head home and become a gaming machine, but the Mac Studio is now going to be the all-purpose machine I need – for simple tasks, and advanced performance.

Apple has really knocked this one out of the park so the EFTM BEST Award for BEST DESKTOP PC goes to the Mac Studio.