As a primarily Tech based publication, this award is one of our Gold awards, the cream of the crop and one we hold in high regard. It could go to anything, a small product, large product or a product that features simply great tech.

This year’s winner is a fantastic product, which stands on it’s own as a desirable, high quality and great performing bit of kit.

The product is the JBL Authentics range of speakers, the 200, 300 and 500 series.

And while their sound profile is excellent, while their app pairing and setup process is fantastic, neither of those things are why we’ve awarded this to JBL.

The EFTM BEST Award for BEST TECH of 2023 goes to the JBL Authentics for the integration of both Google and Alexa smart voice assistance in a single device working co-operatively within that device.

My video was the best way to showcase this:

While I do certainly love the speakers standalone, this integration of smart assistance is mind-blowing to me and a sign of things to come, not just at JBL but across the Industry.

It’s a game changer, and it’s also a flawless implementation.