There have been many advances in TV technology, from the panels themselves to the backlighting technology and even the design with a dramatic reduction in bezel size over many years.

But this year, we wanted to acknowledge something that has been a game changer on the TV’s we’ve seen it on – and the best part is they are both new and a few years old.

It’s not a lighting technology, or even an improvement in picture quality. It’s all about content.

Samsung TV Plus is ridiculous. You’ve got a Samsung TV from the last 4-5 years and you have this app which offers a range of live TV stations just over the internet.

Thing is, it’s all free.

@trevorlong Awesome free to watch TV channels you have to check out if you own a modern Samsung TV! #free #tv #samsung #internet #streamed #cricket #classics #ritchie #benaud #melroseplace #marriedwithchildren #dealornodeal ♬ original sound – Trevor Long

And when it first launched, it was a bit like what LG and Hisense have in market here today – just weird content. But, it’s grown. This launched for Samsung almost four years ago, but it’s in 2023 when it really hit it’s strides.

Today there’s a dedicated channel of episodes of The Nanny, another for Married with Children, another is Baywatch and then my favourite the Mythbusters channel.

You can watch SKY NEWS on Samsung TV plus along with a range of other news, music and even sports channels – there’s plenty of classic Cricket to watch if you’re a fan.

What Samsung has done here is won first mover advantage. We’re going to see far more of these themed channels on Catch Up apps and all the TV brands, but Samsung, they had it happening first.

For that reason, Samsung TV Plus wins the EFTM BEST AWARD 2023 for BEST TV INNOVATION.