This is a huge market – power you can take with you. While just a year or two ago a category like this would have referred primarily to the smartphone battery packs, today we’re talking about portable power that can keep your house going in a blackout.

It’s that category we’re drawn to for this winner.

NRGVault launched this year with a range of portable batteries which were not just another battery bank with power points on them at a cheaper price point. The team at Laser worked hard on refining this product offering to make it compete not just on price, but on features with some brands which have been in this space for much longer.

Key to that was their adoption of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology – a far safer approach than traditional Lithium Ion, and that’s a huge deal as we see more ad more battery products in Australia.

Then there’s the range, with three different models, all with a range of power point and USB outlets – making these perfect for camping, backyard and home emergency situations.

The team did a great job with this, and the NRGVault a deserving winner of our EFTM BEST Award for BEST PORTABLE POWER 2023.