Porsche Taycan, iPhone 12 Pro max, LG’s wallpaper TV, The Ferrari California T, Jaguar F-Type, Nissan GT-R – these are all winners of our Gold award, the EFTM BEST OF THE BEST.

2023’s winner is a product that defines 2023, it’s the culmination of years of a buzz word being used in everything from TV’s to robotics.

I’m talking of course about Artificial Intelligence, and the headline grabbing launch of ChatGPT.

While there are others, like Co-Pilot, or Bard, the fact is ChatGPT is the go-to source of marketing blurbs, content ideas and school essays right now.

It’s revolutionised what we think of when it comes to how a computer can respond, let alone help.

Frankly, it’s still mind blowing to me. I can’t believe what I see when using it.

Google is catching up, fast, their Gemini implementation of Bard is exciting, but while Bard is good, it’s not quite ChatGPT good.

If you’re not using ChatGPT right now in your day to day or week to week life – you’re crazy. It’s as simple as that.

And we’ll look back on 2023 for this very reason.

And that’s why, unquestionably, Chat GPT by OpenAI is the BEST OF THE BEST winner for the 2023 EFTM BEST Awards