Smart home device maker eufy have announced a new range of devices for the Australian market at their 2023 launch today, with a new range of security cameras, baby monitors and a new robot vacuum cleaner. 

At the Australian launch, Gaspar Xie, General Manager, Anker Innovations ANZ said 

Australia is a nation that eagerly adopts the newest innovations and technologies, merging it seamlessly with the daily rhythms of life. Our latest offerings encapsulate this synergy. Each product, built with care, is meticulously designed and embedded with advanced technology, keeping the Australian household in mind,” 

eufy Security

The new Eufy Security range includes a host of devices, with the new S350 Indoor Camera, S340 Solocam, E340 Floodlight camera and the E340 Dual Camera Solo Video Doorbell. The new devices offer a measure of protection for your home, with the devices covering various areas of your home. 

The new E340 Dual Cam Solo Video Doorbell offers the first ‘Dual-Light System enabling crystal clear colour video even at night’ in 2K FullHD resolution and in Full Colour even at night. The E340 Video Doorbell utilises two cameras, with a front-facing camera focusing on people, while a second camera can expand your view. 

The E340 Floodlight includes dual cameras including a telephoto camera capable of up to 8x digital zoom, while a wide-angle camera can capture loads of information in 3K resolution. The camera can also be panned 360° horizontally to track anyone walking by, with AI identifying people and tracking their movements. 

The Floodlight component is super bright, offering up to 2,000 Lumen peak brightness with dimming and smart illumination included and able to be set to a schedule. 

Eufy’s new Security S340 Solocam also includes dual cameras with 360° panning at 3K resolution and up to 8x hybrid zoom. It also includes a removable solar panel that lets you ‘Install Once and it Runs Forever’ says Eufy. 

Lastly, the Security S350 Indoor Camera also comes with dual cameras, but bumps up to 4K UHD resolution capture offering crystal clear clarity on your recordings. 

The S350 Indoor Camera also includes full 360° pan and tilt capabilities, so you can track anything, including your pets while they’re home alone. It even works at night, with 8 adaptive infrared lights offering low-light capture that can still pick out faces up to almost 10 metres away.

The new eufy Security range is available through the myeufy website and retailers across Australia. Pricing wise, you’re looking at $249 for the eufy Security S350 Indoor Camera – $249, $399 for the eufy Security S340 Solocam, $379 for the eufy Security E340 Floodlight  and $349 for the eufy Security E340 Dual Camera Solo Video Doorbell.

eufy Clean

Eufy are also announcing their new robot vacuum cleaner, the X8 Pro SES RoboVac, an upgraded version of the eufy X8 Hybrid from 2021. 

The X8 Pro SES RoboVac includes Twin-Turbine 2.0 technology, which eufy says promises a 1.8x improvement in cleaning performance over its predecessor. There’s also an auto-detangling roller brush that can efficiently remove 89% of pet hair.

The Self-Empty station can store up to 45 days of dust and debris in a 2.5L bacteriostatic dust bag, keeping 99.9% of dust and debris safely ensconced inside thanks to a triple filtration system.

The eufy Clean X8 Pro SES is also available now through the myeufy website and retailers across Australia for $999. 

eufy Baby

For new parents, or those with a new addition, the new eufy Baby range includes a range of products that will give anyone a great way to keep an eye on their new baby.

The eufy Baby range includes eufy Baby Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, eufy Baby Monitor E210 and eufy Baby Add-on Camera for Baby Monitor (for E210) and the eufy Baby Smart Sock S320 and eufy Baby Smart Sock S340 (Smart Sock S320 and Wi-Fi Baby Monitor bundle). 

One of the more interesting announcements is the Smart Sock S320, which goes a step beyond the normal baby monitor which ‘acts as a wellness companion for parents of newborns’. 

Worn on the foot, the Smart Sock S320 can track more than just regular sleep patterns, tracking their naps, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. You can even get daily sleep reports based on customisable sleep tracking sensitivity.

The Smart Sock can be purchased on it’s own for $349, or with the next bundle for $549. 

 also the eufy Wi-Fi Baby Monitor which includes a 2K resolution pan & Tilt camera with AI Cry Detection, Night Vision, as well as the option to monitor audio and check the room temperature. 

The eufy Baby Wi-Fi Baby Monitor will be priced at $199 (or $229 if you head to JB Hifi) and you can purchase it in a bundle with the Smart Sock above for $549. 

The Baby Monitor E210 offers a 5” 720P resolution display with an on-board 5,200mAh battery allowing for up to 30 hours of ‘regular use’ monitoring, or with more frequent check-ups and continuous monitoring the battery will last for 12 hours.

The Baby Monitor E210 is priced at $329 and there’s an add-on camera you can grab for $159.