I don’t expect we’ll suddenly see a rush on Oppo foldable sales based on this one device, but what Oppo has done with their new top end Find N3 Fold is demonstrate what a foldable device can be, and even give me an idea for the ultimate foldable phone in this smartphone to tablet format.

Their own marketing calls the Find N3 “Ultra Thin” “Ultra Light” and “Ultra Powerful”. These are critical things when it comes to getting people to try a whole new style of smartphone.

And I’m not going tom shy away from comparing this directly to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 which was a long overdue design tweak for Samsung, but did it go far enough?

So – let’s look at the size and weight of the two devices:

Front Screen Size

  • OPPO: 6.31 inch (2484×1116)
  • Samsung: 6.2 inch (2316×904)

Thickness Open

  • OPPO: 5.8mm
  • Samsung: 6.1mm

Thickness Shut

  • OPPO: 11.7mm
  • Samsung: 13.4mm


  • OPPO: 245 grams
  • Samsung: 253 grams
Also compared to an iPhone 15

Fact is, it feels thinner, feels lighter – Oppo has smashed this one out of the park.

Great camera, big bump

Oppo Offices shot on the Find N3 Fold

While the camera bump packs in a stunning Hasselblad system of lenses including a strong 3x optical zoom, in addition to a 6x zoom that happens within the sensor my only criticism of the camera would be in video mode. I think photos were stunning and the zoom high quality – but video – especially in selfie-mode needs more stabilisation to be a genuine contender.

BUT, that camera requires a huge bump on the back of the phone, and every time I pick up the Oppo Find N3 Fold I think about how a “Find N3 Fold LITE” might be, with a flat back, embedded basic lenses to offer a weight and thickness saving

Performance of the camera in most regular modes, including overcast skies (above) and night time (below), was sensational, so I feel really confident recommending this as flagship level compared to the big brands in market.

Screens and Usage

What really impressed me most was how much I used the phone folded shut. Closed, like a normal smartphone.

For some obscure reason the front screen aspect ratio of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is just not enough to make it your most used screen. On the Oppo Find N3 the size feels normal, and when paired with the feeling in the hand that comes from the thickness and weight savings, you will – like me – find yourself using the outside screen as “normal”.

When you are deep in reading a website you pull the phone sides apart to expose the large inner screen and take it all in.

In both modes this phone feels great in the hand and for something new – because for most people this will be their first foray into foldable phones – that’s critical.

Will owners of Older Samsung Fold devices see value in the Oppo – probably not, because they are in an ecosystem, but that shouldn’t stop them.

The “mute” slider on the side is a stroke of genius, rather than just being silent or loud, you’ve got three positions on the switch to toggle between Silent, Vibrate and Ring mode – love that.

Will it sell?

Oppo’s biggest issue with the Find N3 Fold will be price. At $2,699 it’s not cheap – at all. It’s $100 less than the equivalent capacity Samsung, but there are so often discounts that you’re definitely going to pay less for a Samsung, however, if you are genuinely platform agnostic, I think the Oppo is a better choice of the two.

Web: JB HiFi & Oppo