Someone very rich who loves cars is set to spend an absolute record amount on the single rarest number plate in Australia with the single digit “1” NSW plate currently at Auction and bids are already past $10,000,000!

First registered to NSW’s first Police Comissioner, the “NSW 1” plate was then acquired by the man who was the founding chairman of Australian National Airways and successful Newcastle railway man Sir Frederick Stewart.

When Sir Stewart passed away in 1961 the “1” plate was on his Oldsmobile.

His Widow Lady Marjorie Stuart is rumoured to have knocked back a $200,000 offer for the plates when she had them on her 1981 Ford Fairmont LTD, but after her passing in the year 2000 it was assumed they would hit the market – but didn’t.

Today, the plates are registered and are displayed on a White 2019 BMW K50 Motorbike, but with the rego due in February the owner has clearly decided it’s time to cash in.

Just days after hitting the Lloyds Auction website, bids have already passed $10 million and at the time of writing sit at $10,010,000.

Don’t think you can just log in and buy them though, the auction has another 40+ days to run, and you have to be pre-approved to bid.

Lindsay Fox, a wealthy man with a stunning car collection must surely be in the bidding – who else? We may never know.

Web: Lloyds