Birdfy has used CES 2024 to show us how the humble bird feeder has entered the AI age. 

Birdfy’s AI scientists and ornithologists (bird experts to you and me) have been working together over the last four years to develop and refine this very clever bird feeder. 

Birdfy claim that the “…smart bird feeder camera has redefined the concept of birdwatching” and it’s hard to disagree. Who hasn’t marvelled at a little feathered friend feeding in the backyard only to be at a loss to know what type of bird it is and what is the best way to support them as they share the garden with us? The Birdfy Feeder range can not only encourage birds to visit our yards but also identify each species (from a database of over 6000 bird species in real time), and real time alerts for when birds visit, allow either video recording or HD livestream of feeding sessions. 

The range of products includes a basic feeder, a really handsome bamboo version for a little more and even a nesting box for between about US$120 and US$300. There is no official Australian distributor, which is a shame, and no word on how many of the 6000 plus bird species are found in Aussie backyards. At least as it is solar powered there is no need for a Yankie plug! 

Despite all of this, I still really want one of these feeders. It is a really fun idea and might even unlock your inner ornithologist

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