Looking to put an end to those restless nights constantly interrupted by snoring? We got a look at the new Motion Pillow with AI, a generational improvement unveiled at CES 2024, promising to tackle snoring issues.

Snoring is a widespread problem, affecting many Australians but that problem could be solved with the Motion Pillow. Equipped with AI learning system. The AI system learned to understand the user’s snoring pattern and can differentiate it from other snoring nearby. No longer are you going to be unfairly blamed for keeping the entire house awake.

Following a detection of snoring by the user, the Motion Pillow engages one of its four mini airbags. Slowly inflating, it subtly adjusts your head position, resulting in your airways opening, effectively curbing or stopping the snoring altogether. Once the snoring ends, the airbag returns to its original position. 

In addition to the snore management features, the Motion Pillow has a sleep tracking system capable of monitoring your sleep patterns. It also has the capability to record and playback your snoring sounds. A feature I’m certain no one will use. However, I’m told the feature could be useful to assist your doctor in potential medical diagnosis.

No word on direct Australian availability just yet.

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