Carrying valuable items outside the home is nagging fear for many. Valuables such as cash, personal documents, jewelry and medications are easy to grab for thieves especially at the local cafe, beach or park.

At CES2024, UpFiner have unveiled a smart travel case called the UpLock Evolution Pro. Basically this is a lockbox to stash your stuff and it can be used in or out of the home. Secured by a pin code, there is a clear barrier between your valuables and potential thieves. What really excites me about this product is that it works seamlessly with Apple Find My, utilising the entire Apple ecosystem to locate the travel case should you misplace it or it gets stolen. Think of it like a giant Apple Airtag that you can put things inside.

Not only does it offer the features of Apple Find My, it has it’s own theft prevention system. In Static Mode, if the smart case is shifted or lifted, an 85 decibel alarm is set off. The alarm continues to sound until the smart case is returned to its original position. Audible from over 100m away, this is sure to grab people’s attention. In Dynamic mode, if the smart case is separated from your smartphone, the alarm will set off until it’s back within reach.

The UpLock Evolution Pro is available for purchase through UpFiner’s website here. No word on direct Australia availability just yet.

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