It’s the ultra-slim card that slaps on the back of your phone that is capable of recording a presentation or meeting and thanks to the power of ChatGPT can transcribe or turn the presentation into easy to read bullet points. We got a first look at the PLAUD NOTE AI Voice Recorder at CES2024. It’s about the same size as a credit card and not that much thicker.

There are two modes: note and phone call recording and is activated by a simple press of a button on the card. At the end of the recording, ChatGPT transcribes the presentation or meeting and then puts all the important parts into bullet points. There is once small catch though – it uses its own app and requires a subscription. It still could be worthwhile for uni students or anyone looking to capture the key points from a presentation or meeting.

The PLAUD NOTE AI Voice Recorder comes with a MagSafe case that keeps it securely attached to your phone and ready to go. A cool gadget! Currently available for purchase on the PLAUD website.

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