Honda is a company that I dearly love but, if I’m honest, with the exception of the crazy Civic Type R and crazily underrated Accord the current Australian range is lacklustre. The current Honda offerings lack the fun seen in the NSX, S2000 and CRX sports cars of the 1990s and early 2000s and the ingenuity of the first generation CR-V. 

Hopefully, all of this is going to change if the Honda 0 (Zero) Series Saloon and Space Hub on display at CES 2024 are anything to go by. They are, in a word, stunning. 

The 0 Series Saloon is set to hit the road in 2026 while the even more futuristic Space Hub is still firmly planted in the concept car camp. 

The 0 Series represents Honda’s refinement of the electric vehicle. Rather than employing traditional construction methods and then inserting an EV powertrain, Honda’s approach with the 0 Series is to strip weight to an absolute minimum. Honda claim that “sitting on a dedicated EV platform, the Saloon delivers on the Honda ‘man maximum/machine minimum’ packaging concept with its low and wide exterior”.  Honda explains that the “0 Series represents a new approach to the development of electrified vehicles, outlined by three core principles: Thin, Light, and Wise”.   

This combination of amazing styling and what I hope will be awesome driving dynamics is Honda at its very best. Please Honda, show respect to Soichiro Honda-san’s legacy and bring us a fun to drive, great to look at and THIN, LIGHT and WISE car.

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