One of the single most requested streaming features in Australia will launch this year, with Kayo Sports today confirming the launch of a 4K streaming plan in late February.

Kayo Sports says “Fans of AFL, NRL, Cricket and Netball will also get to watch a huge range of live action in 4K with Kayo Sports offering the most comprehensive coverage of their favourite sport. 4K on Kayo Sports starts rolling out across your favourite devices from February 29, 2024.

It will all kick off with the Bahrain Grand Prix for Formula 1 fans, with every practice, qualifying and race available in 4K.

Officially there will be “over 1000 hours” of 4K content across the year.

The Price – $5 a month, but it’s not an add-on, it’s the change in the price of “Kayo Basic” jumping from $30 per month to $35 per month.

Kayo One subscribers continue to pay just $25 per month, for a single stream in High Definition.

Interestingly, it does appear the “Kayo Premium” package, currently $35 per month and allowing 3 streams at a time, the highest package now appears to be the Kayo Basic at $35 with two streams and 4K availability. EFTM has confirmed with Kayo that there will no longer be a three stream package, with very low demand for the three streams historically.

It will be interesting to see how that goes down with the few people who did use the three streams, however, offsetting that with 4K is a big win.

Julian Ogrin, Kayo Sports Managing Director, said “We have five years of understanding our customers and how they like to watch their sport. The fans have been waiting for 4K and the ability to watch their favourite sports in the highest quality. Our refreshed subscription packages reflect the desire for a simple, frictionless subscription journey that gives customers choice and control.” 

Officially, the Kayo Sports Subscription packages from February 2024 are

Kayo One: $25 per month for 1 stream with High Definition.

Kayo Basic: $35 per month for 2 streams with High Definition and 4K* available for AFL, NRL, Cricket, Formula 1 and Netball.