I’m going to preface this by saying that I care more about native Australian wildlife than I do your cat. If your cat is hunting native wildlife at night then the bloody thing should be inside the house. Most of Australia’s native fauna is nocturnal and there is simply no place for your cat to be outside at night. Still, if your cat has a tendency to only hunt introduced rats and mice or common myna birds while it is outside for the day then the Flappie might be for you. 

Invented by a couple of Swiss brothers who’s cats continually dropped little furry and feathered gifts on their owner’s pillows, the Flappie is a cat door that can not only recognise your own cat but also if it has decided to drag something unwanted into the house. In what the people at Flappie claim is the “world’s most intelligent cat flap”, Flappie is an AI driven cat flap with “prey detection”. Simply put, the Flappie cat flap can detect if your cat has prey in their mouths with an accuracy exceeding 90%. 

Built in AI ability allows Flappie to continually refine algorithms about your cat and prey likely to be found in your area. 

Flappie won’t be for everyone and in a lot of ways makes more sense in markets where cats are natural predators, such as Europe. Still, it’s a clever device and might save yourself from a scare when Fluffy brings home that special little treat. 

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