Every now and then an item pops up at CES that makes you think why didn’t I think of that! The Glüxkind electric pram is one just innovation. 

Taking the best from the automotive world, the people at Glüxkind have applied concepts that are commonplace in your new car to your baby’s pram. For example, electric cars are quiet and smooth.

You don’t see too many people pushing them so why should you have to push your pram? With a powerful electric motor the Glüxkind can be loaded with groceries and baby paraphernalia and be just as easy to push as it was when it was empty. You simply steer and the motor does the rest. You might be thinking that this sounds lazy but it is also safe. Regenerative braking means that there is no way the pram can run away from you, say, on a long, slippery downhill section of path. The Glüxkind pram even has an automatic park brake that applies the brakes whenever you stop. 

Not convinced? How about the Rock-My-Baby feature that sees the pram gently and smoothly roll forwards and back, creating movement for your baby while you grab a coffee? White noise speakers are built in and future models will even have the ability to pipe storytime audio books into the pram. Where was this when my kids were young!!!!

The Roma model uses facial recognition to allow the pram to be locked. When the pram recognises mum or dad it unlocks and is ready for action.  

Glüxkind strollers have a runtime of about one and a half weeks before needing recharging. 

The Rosa model starts from about US$2400 so it’s not cheap but it is very, very clever and if you wheel it into the house it will easily replace the traditional bassinet or rocker. 

You know how I said that I wish I’d thought of this? Well, all stocks are currently sold out in the USA and there is a waitlist to get in line for the first to come to Australia. Great ideas sell themselves. The Glüxkind pram is a great idea and an example of CES at its very best. Well done Glüxkind.

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