Aussie petrol price app Petty has released a major update this week, adding Apple CarPlay compatibility, putting fuel prices at your fingertips while you drive.

The app, developed by young Aussie and previous WWDC Student Scholarship winner Zach Simone who clearly knows his stuff. The iPhone app is slick and data rich, an intuitive user interface which draws on the fuel price information being made available online after various government investigations and the creation of many similar apps. The Petty point of difference is both personalisation and historic data, allowing you to see graphs of how the price has fluctuated for as much as 90 days.

Now with CarPlay integration Petty allows drivers to see a quick list of not just nearby petrol stations but their prices in real-time.

The lists can be sorted by distance or price allowing you to find the right fill up for you.

But it’s not just a list, you can view the pump options on a map too making a visual reference for drivers to find the right spot to refuel.

With Favourites from the app showing on CarPlay those local regular stops for you become easy to compare, and if you’re away from home you can use the Petty CarPlay screen to get directions in just a tap o the screen.

Having scrolled through the app interface, it’s remarkable how much Zach has been able to fit in here, perhaps one of the most complex third party apps I’ve seen on CarPlay with filters for which type of fuel you’re after available on your car-play screen too.

It’s a cracker, and is available to Petty app users who subscribe to the premium plan for a staggering price of just $9.99 per year.

App Store: Petty