LG Electronics Australia has today announced the Australian availability of its 2024 TV range with a large range of devices with something for everyone at every price point.

To celebrate the launch of the 2024 TV and sound bar range, purchases of eligible 2024 LG OLED and QNED TVs between March 14 and April 3 from participating retailers, will receive a bonus gift card.

As part of the announcement LG has revealed that new TVs will receive their updated LG webOS 24, marking a decade of use on their TVs.  This will even be rolled back to some 2022 LG TVs and in the future all TVs will receive five years of updates improving the longevity of their TVs.

The new version of LG webOS brings a new home screen allowing for up to 10 individual user profiles with the content on the home screen matched to their preferences and tastes.

The new 2024 TV lineup brings the ability to access not just free to air services but also subscription services with apps for services such as Stan, Disney+ Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV+, Foxtel, Kayo, Paramount+, and Optus Sport available for the LG TVs.

LG has also introduced their own service with LG Channels offering over 80 free channels with content such as news, sports, movies, TV series’ and more included.  

The new 2024 LG TVs will once again include Apple AirPlay and for the first time Google Chromecast built-in.  All the new 2024 TVs will also include support for Matter giving them a seamless integration into your smarthome.

Some models will also offer a new split screen mode with a splitting of the screen into up to four segments for four different content streams on the display at one time.  

LG OLED TVs – LG’s best gets even better

LG was the world’s number 1 OLED TV once again last year, making it 11 years in a row – an impressive feat.  They are looking to extend that to 12 this year with their new lineup.

The 2024 LG G4 and M4 evo model OLED TVs are receiving the new LG Alpha 11 AI processor which will deliver a 70 percent improvement in graphic performance with a 30 percent faster processing speed compared to the previous generation chipset.

As you would expect with this upgraded AI processor, LG has integrated more AI features across select models in this year’s lineup.  

One such feature includes the user selecting a few images for preferences in viewing styles.  The deep learning algorithms then apply picture settings to suit the user – these can be customised for the user that is currently logged in.

AI Brightness also adjusts the TV picture balance based on the brightness of the room whereas AI Super Upscaling sharpens objects and backgrounds that may appear blurry.

The G4 models include Brightness Booster Max, allowing for a brightness increase of up to 150 percent over non-evo OLED TVs.

The 2024 LG OLED TVs include a five-year warranty with some models including the one wall design and LG’s new Zero Connect Box allowing for a true wireless experience.  In fact, this year’s OLED lineup from LG includes the World’s first and only 4K 144Hz wireless OLED TV technology thanks to this Zero Connect Box.

LG QNED – for that massive screen stadium experience

If big screens (without breaking the bank) are for you then the 2024 LG QNED lineup is worth checking out.  With ultra-large screens, Quantum Dot and NanoCell Colour, Alpha 8 AI processors, a super slim design and WebOS 24 they are a compelling purchase.

The new QNED range now tops out at a massive 98-inches with LG’s research showing that customers want screens 98-inches and bigger if possible.  

The Quantum Dot and NanoCell Colour provides a wider colour gamut than before while also “catching” incorrect shades in the picture and touching them up to deliver up to 90 percent colour accuracy.

The upgraded AI processors deliver authentic colours with optimised audio and picture quality resulting in a pleasing viewing experience making you feel like you are right on top of the action. 

TV pricing and availability

The big headline here though is the pricing. Across the range we are seeing reductions in prices with last year’s G3 model priced at $10,999, $1,000 more than the G4 this year. The C4 and B4 also see similar price reductions while the QNED TVs see price reductions of up to $1,700 (QNED81). These price reductions are great to see given the sheer volume of product price increases we are seeing everywhere else in life. More TV and more features for less money? Yes please.

LG Sound bars designed for your new LG TV

To pair their new TVs with precise and convenient sound experiences LG are introducing new sound bar models, the S95TR, SG10TY, S70TY, S60T, and S40T models.

One of the new features of the 2024 LG sound bars is the WOWCAST Ready feature which provides a wireless 7.2.1 channel audio (with compatible LG TVs).  Add in Dolby Atmos driven by DTS:X and the cinema experience is complete – just add your own popcorn.

The headline of the 2024 LG sound bar series is the S95TR which delivers 810W of power out through 15 channels for an extremely powerful sound.  The sound bar includes AI features such as AI Room Calibration Pro and AI Sound Pro, with the former tailoring the audio output to the space it is in thanks to internal microphones and spatial awareness technology.

The S95TR sound bar includes five up-firing channels including a centre up-firing speaker to provide a seamless audio experience at home.  

Middle of the new sound bar pack is the SG10TY with 420W audio and 3.1 channels with WOW Orchestra, WOW Interface and WOWCAST Ready technology.  The slim profile sound bar delivers lossless 7.1.2 multi-channel audio, wirelessly while seamlessly integrating into the LG OLED G series TVs.  

The 2024 LG sound bar range is available from leading retailers and LG.com/au now. To find out more head on over to LG.com.au/sound-bars

Head on down to your local electronics retailer to check out the new offerings from LG and prepare to be impressed.