The Uniden Dash View 40R is most likely the perfect dashcam for Uber and other commercial drivers (or just Mum and Dad).

Now we’ve all gone down the video rabbit hole, mesmerised by countless dashcam videos on Dashcams Australia. There’s so many people with cameras in their vehicles nowadays that there’s a compilation every week instead of monthly from our favourite YouTubers.

The Uniden Dash View 40R

Dashcams can provide irrefutable proof of who was in the wrong if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a prang so if you don’t have one installed, front and back, you’re vulnerable to being blamed for something that wasn’t your fault.

What’s worse than not having a dashcam? Having one with such poor resolution that you struggle to make out features such as number plates that can identify the real culprits. But what if you drive Uber, or need to record what’s going on inside the cabin as well? Uniden’s newest offering may be for you.

The Uniden Dash View 40R comes armed with 3 cameras. Front (4K), rear (HD) and a boon for Uber drivers or those that carry commercial passengers, a full HD cabin camera.

Before we can enjoy the multi-camera options we need to set up the system.

What’s in the box?

  1. The front 4K camera with 2.85”screen and built-in cabin facing camera (HD)
  2. Rear facing camera (HD)
  3. 32gb microSD card
  4. 3.6m Power cable and 12v to USB-A adapter
  5. 6m Front to back cable
  6. Optional hardwiring kit (required to take advantage of Parking mode)
What’s in the box


Now this is crucial. Before you go sticking the main camera up on the windscreen be aware that in my opinion this is where you can really tell this dashcam is designed for left- hand drive vehicles. Understandably Uniden aren’t going to create a model for different driving positions but if you follow their recommendations in the instructions and “mount onto the windscreen behind the rear-view mirror” you are going to find that the cabin camera gives you a wonderful view of the back of the mirror. In LHD cars the forward facing camera would be perfectly situated close to the centre of the vehicle and the cabin camera a few cm away and facing the passenger. In RHD as we have here in Australia you need to position the unit a bit further left than recommended. So make sure you take that into account before peeling off the 3M backing sticker.

I suggest a dry run by firing it up with power and checking all video outputs before committing to that unforgiving double sided tape.



The more you install dashcams the easier it gets. I am no longer daunted by running cables under rubber trims or plastic covers. Believe me, it’s worth the effort and isn’t that difficult. No unsightly wires poking out from under the carpet creating a tripping hazard.

Don’t think you can do it? Check out this bloke who knows what he’s talking about

Installed? Now what?

Anyone who has used a dashcam before probably already knows that the operating system and navigation on these small screens look like they were created by some boffin in the ‘70’s using DOS 6.2.  Luckily I think Uniden have made big inroads into having control of your dashcam via a quite useful app. All functionality from the main unit is duplicated and much easier to navigate. To get the app just fire up the dashcam and go to the setting menu to get the QR code. Don’t be tempted to just search the app store as there are several older versions that just aren’t compatible. Grab the one called “Uniden DV”


Settings in-app

All options are easily accessible in the menu. The main screen even refers you to the app if you try and change the settings in both the camera itself and the app. See the pic (hence my reference to DOS 6.2)

Whilst using the app

Picture quality

Whilst the Dash View 40R has three cameras (Front 4K, Rear and cabin 1080P) there are certain limitations when using all three at once.

Resolution of the main camera is restricted to 1600P if you are running all three at the same time. I guess there is just so much bandwidth the camera can record at so the resolution of the main camera is reduced. Still a great picture but not the advertised 4K.

If you don’t care too much about recording the people inside the car a simple change to the settings gets you the promised front 4K resolution

For a comparison between 1440P and 4K check out the video. Both great pictures but signs and number plates are just that much easier to make out:

To compare the rear HD quality results vs the front 4K camera watch this sequence showing a ute passing me. The rear camera looks good, the front magnificent

The cabin camera

Despite my issue with the placement of the main unit, a bit more left of centre than ideal, you wouldn’t notice it with the results. The ultrawide field of view 120° adequately covered the whole interior. The front at 130° and rear at 140° ensures everywhere is covered.

The cabin view

Wide Dynamic Range

The Dash View 40R comes with this handy feature, WDR or Wide Dynamic Range driven by the inbuilt Sony Starvis sensors is designed to cope with transitioning from light to dark or dealing with bright lights at night. On by default but optional, I feel, whilst not astonishing was quite an improvement on previous efforts. The last thing you want when you really need good footage is for it to be washed out

Driving into the sunset

Recording at Night

The Starvis sensor is also useful at night when 40% of accidents occur but in that period only 25% of driving occurs. Front and rear vision is impressive however passengers would be difficult to identify as the camera is not equipped with night-vision capabilities but in built up areas it should be adequate

Front camera
Rear camera
Cabin camera (please excuse the old guy in the shot)

Parking Mode

Although not tested, the 40R is capable of recording incidents detected by the G-sensor if the hardwire kit is utilised. The cameras are activated for a period of 60 seconds after detection and a further 60 seconds if movement is detected at the 50 second mark. The 1FPS mode also is available where movement triggers 1 frame per second recording for a full 10 minutes. Handy features and ones more sought after in modern dashcams.


The latest three camera offering by Uniden will certainly appeal to anybody looking for a high quality dashcam but with the added advantage of the third cabin facing HD camera this is a no-brainer for all Uber drivers. As long as the passengers don’t mind being filmed. That’s a whole other can of worms.

The Uniden Dash View 40R will be available soon from most electrical retailers and comes with a 2 year warranty.

RRP is $429.95 but no doubt specials will appear at some point.