Three years ago when Boost Mobile signed a decade long deal with Telstra the company’s founder Peter Adderton was crowing about a pending move into Home Broadband NBN solutions signalling a step forward for the business. Today, the dream steps closer to reality as “Boost Broadband” launches a consumer expressions of interest page readying for their launch of NBN plans across Australia.

Interestingly, this is not being done with Telstra, instead, Boost describes this as a “partnership with BTB Australia” who are “the market leader in wholesale delivery of telecommunication services”

With a great brand reputation, and a strong customer base there’s a huge opportunity for Boost to almost instantly accelerate to be one of the bigger NBN providers in Australia.

That will all depend on their pricing.

Boost is also promoting “BETTER SERVICE”, saying “You matter! Elevated customer service support with self-care options & a team to support you.” That’s a tough market to crack with a company like Aussie Broadband doing above benchmark level customer service right here in Australia.

However, Boost love a challenge. Peter Adderton says “This is a major moment in Boost Mobile’s history as we expand beyond mobility for the first time. For 24 years we have been waking up every day and fighting for our consumers, making sure they get a great deal and a great service. As we close in on one million Australian prepaid mobile customers who trust us with their mobile communications, it only makes sense to also help them in their home,” 

“We made a commitment previously to expand into other areas of the telco industry that need disruption, and today is a first and very important step in fully capitalising on the trust that so many Australians have placed in us and the Boost brand. I thank the team at BTB for working with us to flesh this out and become our valued partner in bringing this to life.”

“The NBN market is flooded with brands who have delivered a poor consumer experience and questionable value such that the ACCC recently urged Australian households to shop around for their NBN broadband plans and check for any offers that represent better value for them. Australian consumers and small businesses continue to move away from the big old telco brands for their broadband connectivity towards more consumer-focused new brands like Boost. It’s time now for us to shake things up like we have done in prepaid,” 

“It has never been more important to have fighting brands like Boost challenging the standard in the Australian telco market. Our new partnership is more than just a business collaboration, it’s a shared commitment to delivering Australians more choice than ever for NBN and a range of other solutions. We can’t wait to play our part in delivering Australians better options and backing the successful Boost team.” said Brendon Brackin, Managing Director of BTB Australia.

No timeframe was listed in the announcement, let’s hope it’s not three years away:)