When Uniden came out of the blocks in 2024 with a 5K dashcam I had to get my hands on it to take a look. Resolution is key to the success of a Dash cam because you want to be able to make out that information right? There’s much more to it.

I’ve been driving a large Genesis Sedan this last week or so, and as such decided to install the Uniden 60R in that for testing. As it is temporary, the cables are running through the car, and I used half the sticky adhesive patches to make them easier to remove.

Because an SD Card comes in the box, you can get running straight away. Stick it on, plug it into the 12V power and it will automatically format the SD card and start recording.

The camera is USB-C – one of the first of those I’ve seen, and perhaps most interestingly there’s no rear-camera input port on the actual front dash cam.

Instead, there’s a USB-C splitter cable included. This splits a Male USB-C plug, into a Female USB-C for power, and a small proprietary connection for the rear camera. Works really well, and keeps the cabling around the windscreen to a minimum broadly.

Splitter cable for Power and Rear camera into a single USB-C at the camera

Here’s where Uniden has taken another huge leap forward too – simple connection.

Park up, keep the car on, and fire up the Uniden Dash View app. The Camera emits and Bluetooth signal to commence the pairing process. No need for that direct WiFi stuff where you need the fancy password – it. just. works. So great.

Inside the app you can easily see all your videos, as well as a live preview of the cameras – great for aligning them properly after installation.

Downloading videos is easy, and relatively fast too – just tap and press download, they save to your phone.

So the Uniden Dash View 60+ is a single, front-facing dashcam. Where as the 60R is a box with that same camera as well as all you need for the rear camera.

On it’s own, the front camera is a 5K recording capable camera – it does this – as you can see in the video at the top of this page, in a wider format image. So more pixels captured to the sides.

When you plug in a rear camera it automatically steps down to 4k front along with the 2K rear camera.

Exact resolutions are :

  • 5K 5120 × 2160
  • 4K 3840 × 2160
  • Rear: 2560 × 1440

And the quality is excellent.

Honestly, I wouldn’t bother with a rear camera if you don’t have a rear wiper, the window ill be too dirty to have much impact, but – I guess just for movement and understanding on what was happening, it’s still worth it.

The front camera on this thing is excellent. Perhaps primarily due to the Sony sensor in there capturing the images.

I tested it in a bright setting sun and got great detail around the road, without the sun blooming out the entire picture.

Number plates are easier to read, though let’s be real, if someone’s moving fast enough, they’re always going to be tough.

Colour reproduction seems amazing, and that along with the wider dynamic range and general resolution are critical.

Overall, the picture is sensational, setup a breeze and the Dash View range of cameras from Uniden have taken in my view – a strong leap forward to put their premium pricetag over and above their sibling iGO cam range in perspective.

You don’t need a screen, you need quality, that’s what the Dash View range offers, and right now the Dash View 60R is the pick of the bunch.

It will retail for $499 – and trust me, you can pay three times that for a camera that has no-where near three times the quality.