Almost a year after announcing it at their developer conference last May, Google’s ‘Find My Device Network’ is launching today.

The new and improved Find My Device Network, operates similarly to Apple’s Find My network, using nearby Android devices (instead of iOS devices) to track misplaced Android devices and everyday items – even if they’re offline. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro owners will also be able to track their devices if they’re powered off or the battery is flat.

Users will be able to call, or view the location of their compatible Android phone, tablet or device on a map, or if you’re within close range you can choose to hit the “Find nearby” button to help you figure out exactly where the device is hiding. You can even use your Nest devices including the Nest Hub, to show a lost device’s proximity to your Nest devices, giving you an easy reference point.

Phones and tablets are obvious, but the Find My Device Network will allow for tracking of Bluetooth tags from companies including Chipolo and Pebblebee, with new tags from Eufy, Jio, Motorola and others expected to launch by the end of the year. This support for Bluetooth trackers also includes the support for the Unknown Tracker alerts launched in August last year.

Google will also let you share an accessory in the Find My Device app, letting anyone you want to be able to see the device – and help find it when you need them.

Unfortunately for us here in Australia, the network is launching in the US and Canada initially with support for the rest of the world coming soon. We’ll have more updates when the network goes live in Australia – which hopefully won’t be too far away.