Following on from what we already know about Hisense’s TV plans announced at CES, the company has revealed their pricing for the entire 2024 range with a big emphasis on Mini LED in the lineup, and a continued push for value pricing.

Unlike LG and Samsung, there’s no sense of a reduction in pricing for the 2024 range, though it should be clear there has always has been value in the Hisense range – notably last year’s mega 100 inch U7KAU at $6,999 RRP (which we saw below $6,000 during the year).

Sizes for the 2024 range from 32 inches all the way up to 110 inches. Gideon Lui from Hisense Australia says “Our 2024 TV range is a true testament to the ongoing research and development into the technology that truly sets our adaptive home entertainment offering apart. We are incredibly proud to announce our new 2024 TV range as the best-performing and most premium fit for the modern Australian home.”

Solar Powered Remote

In the top models of the Hisense range for 2024 you’ll get a solar powered remote – not new, Samsung has had this for three years, however Hisense took a fresh approach with the solar panel on the front of the remote not the back, so it’s really primed to always be charging, rather than only when it’s turned upside down.

Top of the range

Hisense’s top of the range Mini-LED UXAU features outstanding detail, clarity and depth, with 20,000 backlights and a stunning 2,500+ nits of brightness and 5,000+ dimming zones meaning this has the brightness to match the Aussie living room.

Go Bigger

Big TVs are the story of 2024, and Hisense has more than just a toe in that water. The U6NAU goes up to 85 inches now, while the new 100 inch 100Q7NAU keeps Hisense in that triple digit counter for size, while later this year a massive 110 inch UXAU will also hit the stores for a premium experience.

Prices for the 2024 Hisense TV Range in Australia are announced as follows, with deals on retail likely to surge as we get closer to the Olympic Games in July.

(32”, 40”)
April onwards$349 (32”) $449 (40”)
Q6NAU  QLED (43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 85”)May onwards$799 (43”) $899 (50”) $999 (55”) $1,299 (65”) $1,799 (75”) $2,799 (85”)
May onwards$5,999 (100”)
(55”, 65”, 75”, 85”)
May onwards$1,299 (55”) $1,699 (65”) $2,499 (75”) $3,499 (85”)
(55”, 65”, 75”, 85”, 100”)
April onwards$1,599 (55”) $2,299 (65”) $2,999 (75”) $3,999 (85”) $6,999 (100”, U7KAU (last year’s model))
(65”, 75”, 85”)
May onwards
$2,699 (65”) $3,699 (75”) $4,999 (85”)
(65”, 75”, 85”, 110”)
May onwards
$3,999 (65”) $4,999 (75”) $8,999 (85”) TBC (110”)