We’ve all been guilty of it – having our head in our phones while memories are being made around us.  We’ve seen a focus on digital health in the last few years with many folks embracing forgoing the phone to instead be “in the moment.”

Now HMD (makers of Nokia smartphones) are teaming up with Heineken to produce a Beer Phone, a Boring Phone, a phone with minimal social capabilities but able to do everything a phone should.

The Boring Phone is a collaboration between Heineken and US retail marketplace Bodega and is being unveiled at Milan Design Week this week.  It is designed to allow users to discover their true social life without the social media distractions.

It in fact takes phones back to the basics with no access to Internet, social media or other apps (not sure how you are meant to book an Uber after a big night on the Heinekens with it though).

The Boring Phone’s design is anything but boring with a transparent case and holographic stickers and given the lack of access to social media or Internet it is no surprise that its battery will last a week with up to 20 hours of talk time.

With more than a third of Gen Z users admitting to checking social media when hanging out with friends with even more admitting to checking work emails at this time!  

Interestingly, nearly a third of users also admit that they’d like to be able to switch off from their phone while out for the night.  22 percent of Gen Z users already turn their phone off or leave it at home while out for the night with another 38 percent saying they’d consider doing this too.

Nabil Nasser, the Global Head of Heineken® comments, “We could all do with a break from the constant distractions of smart tech; something our research has shown is even more important to our Gen Z and Millennial consumers. At Heineken®, we want to foster moments of genuine connection and help people experience the joy of true togetherness. In creating The Boring Phone we have gone back to basics, we have dialled down the tech to help people truly connect over a beer.”

Lars Silberbauer, CMO of Human Mobile Devices (HMD), Europe’s leading mobile innovator and manufacturer said, “Early in 2023, we spotted something cool with Gen Z in the US. They started cutting down their screen time to feel better mentally, swapping their smartphones for simpler phones. As big fans of unplugging from the digital buzz, we’re super excited about launching The Boring Phone with Heineken and Bodega. It’s definitely going to get people talking when they’re out and about.”

An app that will turn smartphones boring will also be launched in June to give those who don’t manage to get their hands on a physical device the Boring Phone experience. To discover more about The Boring Phone and why we all need to get off our devices more (after reading EFTM of course), visit: www.heineken.com/theboringphone.

While there are no Australian launch plans or pricing yet, the project shows where we are and should be heading, with HMD leading the way.