We have seen lossless streaming services grow in the past few years with Tidal lowering their prices recently so it is expected to grow even more.  Spotify could possibly be looking to get out ahead of this with their own premium lossless service.

According to The Verge small sections of code from the latest Spotify app releases have indicated that Spotify is possibly readying itself to launch a lossless service as part of their premium subscription.

A few years ago there were rumours surround this new Spotify feature and was termed “Spotify HiFi” and be part of a subscription tier above that of their premium subscription.  The new code though suggests that Spotify has backflipped on this and will be offering as an additional feature onto their Premium subscription (much the way Tidal has an optional addition on their premium service).   

The new feature is expected to be called “Music Pro” with the add-on available for those wishing to add lossless music streaming onto their Premium subscription.  At this stage the price is unknown but we wouldn’t expect it to be more than $5-6 per month (fingers crossed).

Reddit user Hypixely found a lot of this new code in the app and has found that the mention of the new lossless option is not ambiguous at all:

“Lossless has arrived”

And Spotify supporting FLAC files of:

Up to 24-bit/44.akHz”

At this stage Spotify are yet to make any comment on the code or any possible release of Music Pro but with it already appearing in the code we expect it to arrive in the next couple of months.  

Keep an eye out for it appearing on your Spotify app or you can keep yourself dialed into EFTM where we will bring you all the local details as soon as they are available.