It seems only a short time ago that 5G coverage was limited to very small areas, but in an update this morning, Telstra CEO Andy Penn has announced more Aussies are seeing 5G coverage than ever before.

Taking to Linkedin for the update, Mr Penn advised that Telstra 5G now reaches 80% of the Australian population. The coverage is for more than just capital cities, with regional areas also seeing 5G coverage.

Telstra currently offers 4G coverage to 99.4% of the population, in over 1600 Australian towns and communities and this 5G announcement is another significant milestone on the way to bringing the faster, low latency connections that 5G offers to more Australians. 

The expansion of 5G coverage is part of the new T25 Strategy announced last year, which aims to ‘make it easier for our people to work, improve the experience for customers and deliver value for our shareholders’.

According to Mr Penn, ‘Turning on more 5G means turning on more for our digital economy, and giving more Aussies the chance to work from anywhere.‘ This approach has also allowed for Telstra to offer work from home options for their staff in their new Australian based call centres, improving the customer experience.

Telstra will continue to work on their T25 strategy over the next 3 years, so we can expect to see more improvements across their network.