Ever had the problem of cooking pizzas for your family but can only cook one at a time and thus by the time the last person’s pizza is ready, the rest are often nearly finished?  I know I have, every single time.

Now there is another option, a pizza oven that will easily fit two pizzas, and be small enough for your bench.  Ooni is introducing the Koda 2 Max into Australia in the coming weeks, their largest pizza oven yet.

The pizza has improved versatility and the massive 24-inch gas-powered pizza oven includes dual-zone cooking functionality.  This means that each cooking zone has its own independently controlled gas burner meaning that each pizza can be cooked to perfection based on the style of pizza it is and its ingredients.  You could even cook a deep-dish pizza on one side and a kebab on the other!

“This oven is what pizza party dreams are made of,” said Darina Garland, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ooni. “But between the large cooking space and the versatile dual burners, pizza is only the beginning. The Koda 2 Max can precisely cook an entire meal of main and side dishes to absolute perfection.” 

The gas burners are designed using new technology to allow for a consistent stone temperature and improved fuel efficiency.  It includes a digital temperature hub giving air temperature readings from either side of the oven along with a pair of digital food probes to take internal temperatures of meats as they cook.

For those looking for that small advantage to get the perfect cook each time, the Ooni Connect app which provides real-time notifications of oven and digital food probe temperatures to allow you to keep a closer eye on your food.  The app will also provide you with tips and tricks to help you improve your cooking.

The Ooni Kodi 2 Max will be available in Australia in Spring this year for $1,499 on ooni.com.au.  For more information check out the Koda 2 Max web page.