Vic Widman

Owner of Great Divide Tours Started 4wdriving in 1978, first major outback trip was up Cape York in 1981 in a Subaru station wagon! Has now crossed the Simpson Desert in excess of 25 times and trained in excess of 30,000 people in the art of 4wdriving. Vic lives and breathes 4wdriving, he has written books, was a major contributor to Overlander magazine for 12 years, he has produced 4wd DVD’s, does a radio segment on 4wdriving each week which is broadcast to over 160 stations across Australia, is one of Australia’s foremost 4wd experts and has now expanded worldwide with his 4wd adventures to places like Africa, New Zealand and Iceland. And his jokes are great too! Vic drives a 200 series, an FJ Cruiser and wishes he had more time to drive his Toyota 86.

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